Denver in Shadows

Session 2

New Opportunities

The runners took down the mob mage and the kidnappers, capturing a dwarf who surendered. They rescued Meiko and took her and the dwarf to meet the Johnson at the Brown Palace Hotel in the UCAS sector with the help of Rascal.

Over the next few days, Tua learned more about the Denver underworld, Karak discovered that the necklace he took from the enemy mage’s body was a force 3 sustaining focus, Halo bought more shoes as therapy, and B2 replaced Alkeiser.

Akula learned about someone who was killing street people along the UCAS and CAS borders with the Aurora Warrens (a humanitarian worker named Francisco Carlisle may know more), and Halo talked to Brickhouse about a possible corporate data steal job that needs to happen within the next week. Karak got a job offer from The Finn.

The party agreed to protect the Finn while he delivers weapons from a shipment that was hijacked before it could get to the Denver Vory. The Finn needs to deliver the weapons to his buyers in the White Lotus triad and is worried that the Vory might try to intercept the shipment. He agreed to give the runners access to coffin-sized lock-boxes in safehouses in each sector of Denver to make getting around the city easier. If they do have to fight the Vory, he also offered 6600 nuyen after negotiations.


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