Denver in Shadows

Session 3

Protecting the Finn

After agreeing to escort The Finn to his deal with the White Lotus Triad, Tua informed the group that he had an emergency and needed to leaving town for a few days. Halo expressed some displeasure at Tua’s sudden departure then, the following morning, messaged the rest of the group that she wouldn’t be able to make the mission either.

Karak, Akula and B2 met with the Finn and went with him to the meet at the edge of Chinatown. On the way there, the van was redirected into an alley by a Vory decker, where an ambush was waiting. There was a firefight, but the runners triumphed, defeating the Vory, taking their commlinks, weapons and ammunition, and proceeded to the meet. The actual meeting between the Finn and the Triad went smoothly, and the runners got their pay as well as access to safeboxes in safehouses in each sector of Denver.

During a couple of days of downtime, B2 met a mechanic named Buttons through the Finn, the meeting arranged at the Nightlife, a gay bar in the UCAS sector. Karak spent time at the Astralnaut, and Akula kept in touch with Andrei, his Russian fixer.

During that time, Karak got a message from the Finn. The Triad member he had made the deal with, wanted to meet the team. B2 and Karak were in favor, and met with Zhiang Li of the White Lotus Triad at the Green Lion East restaurant. There, Li offered to pay the runners to thin out the Chrome Wolves gang that are working for the Vory. The pay is 3,000 nuyen per runner for footage showing the deaths of 12 gang members, or 7,000 nuyen per runner if they can kill at least 20 Chrome Wolves, including their leader, Nix. The runners accepted that job, while still planning to, at some point, investigate the deaths along the Aurora Warrens borders.

The Number: +6 karma, + 6600 nuyen, safeboxes in each sector of the FRFZ


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