Blue Bomber

Mech-wielding technomancer and rigger



Body 2
Agility 3
Reaction 3
Strength 1
Willpower 5
Logic 4
Intuition 3
Charisma 3
Edge 3
Resonance 5

Mind over Machine 1

Complex forms:
Diffusion of Firewall
Static Veil
Transcendent Grid

Active skills:
Cracking 5(sg)
Electronics 5(sg)
Pilot walker 4(2 bipedal)
First Aid 5
Gunnery 4
Automatics 4(
2 smg)
Compling 4
Registering 4
Gymnastics 3
Swimming 3
Con 3
Negotiation 3
Automotive Mechanic 1(+2 walker drones)

Knowledge Skills:
Japanese history

Japanese N
English 3


+ High Pain Tolerance 1

- Predjudiced, Johnsons
- Bad Reputation (Killing a Johnson)
- Severe Allergy, Gold


Growing up under the neon lights of future Tokyo, Kuja Hitsugaya grew up with the average wage-slave parents that most did. He obsessed in late 20th century anime and mech culture. At the age of 16, his family was gunned down by Shadowrunners, caught as bystanders in the crossfire. Now orphaned, Kuja fell into a deep depression, only finding solace in his mech obsessions. Calling out into the unknown world of the Matrix, Kuja summoned an ally by his side. A roaming sprite AI, that wove it’s way into a walker drone.
Seeking Kuja out, the guardian AI found it’s way to the budding technomancer, acting as his avenger. The two soon sought revenge and began tracking the runners down. After years of hunting, the bitter Kuja struck them down in cold blood.
Within days, Kuja was contacted by a man named Mr Johnson seeking to use Kuja’s set of skills. When he and his AI drone arrived for the meeting, Mr Johnson revealed to be the last employers of the runners Kuja had killed. Wanting to tie up loose ends, Mr Johnson tried to murder the young boy, but the AI drone reacted and slayed the aggressor. Fleeing from the scene, Kuja and his partner went underground, taking the remainder of his inheritance with them. The news feeds exploded as a well known criminal boss, a high ranking member of the Yakuza, was found dead, slain by drone and a child. Kuja was soon on the move once again, fleeing from the bounty placed on his head by the Yakuza.
Through luck and money, Kuja found a smuggler by the name of Yuki to carry himself and his drone to the other side of the world. Landing in Seattle, the influence of the Yakuza was still too strong. Yuki offered to take Kuja to Denver, a city where power is chaotically divided. Trading the last of his inheritance in for a fake SIN, with the name of Axton Warrant, Kuja was convinced that Shadowrunning will be the only means to secure his life from the angry mob. His latent Technomancer abilities gave Kuja the edge in finding employment. Under the guise of the Blue Bomber; B2, he began to seek contacts and allies that would aid his endeavors to remove himself from the Yakuza’s sights, or at least make him impossible to touch by their wicked vengeance. He formulated the idea of establishing an underground drone arena that would have two purposes. Firstly, would give a virtual army that the Yakuza could not hope to rally against. Secondly, would give B2 the opportunity to learn and master the art of drone control, through the watching and studying of rival riggers. With his plans set in motion, B2 sought an alliance with an eclectic group of runners, all serving their own needs, without interfering with his own….


Vanris, ZDF patrol officer Loyalty 3, Connection 2
Jolynne, Hud/ Aurora Warrens Loyalty 1, Connection 1
Yuki, smuggler Loyalty 1, Connection 1

Blue Bomber

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