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only one week left until the big show at the Astralnaught! For you chummers living under rocks or static zones, Sorcerous Rex, fronted by the infamous BlackJack Benny will be joined by none other than local hub celebrity Amber Wind back from her Gale Force tour of the east coast next Saturday night to bring down the house at the Astralnaught. This is not a show to be missed! No tickets at the door. Find out more about local concerts here on KMAG and link to our streaming music for the latest tracks by Sorcerous Rex and Amber Wind!

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Posted 07:44:55/04-22-74 by Elice Cordova
The Aurora Reapings

Recent reports in the conventional, corporate media have described escalations of violence in the areas nearest the Aurora Warrens, but the truth has been withheld from us by the authorities and their corporate allies. What aren’t they telling you? These deaths have not been the random acts of violent gangs or robberies gone wrong. A serial killer stalks the streets of the FRFZ. The residents of Aurora have called him the Reaper for the past three weeks, and while Lone Star and Knight Errant claim to be investigating the deaths, they have no idea who or what this killer is, only that he opens his victims with blades, often removing parts of the bodies.

The authorities refuse to comment to direct questions, stating that they are “unable to discuss ongoing investigations.” What else are they not telling us? What are they hiding? Who is this killer, and what will it take to stop him? We will continue to search for answers and bring them to you as we find them, here on Mile-High Minutes.

Newsnet Bulletin
Posted 10:35:18/04-19-74 by Alison Teshima

The DocWagon Hospital Complex has reported and increased genetic variance in viral strains this cold and flu season resulting in a much higher incidence of hospitalizations. While some scientist have speculated that this could represent the fallout of genetic engineered virus trials by megacorporations, spokespersons at both DocWagon and the UCAS Center for Disease Management say such theories are “highly improbable and reckless accusations.”

Newsnet Bulletin
Posted 08:43:33/04-18-74 by Sean Davis
Deaths rising?

UCAS and CAS sectors have both seen a recent uptick in violent deaths over the past few months. While gang violence is on the rise throughout the region, death increases in the FRFZ have seemed to involve a disproportionately high percentage of homeless and other vulnerable populations. ZDF spokesman Jorge Rivera states that both Knight Errant and Lone Start are cooperating fully with his office in investigating the reports.


Northbound I-25 was at a standstill early this morning after gunfire erupted. Though Gridguide footage was temporarily disrupted due to matrix static, evidence suggests a shootout between the Chrome Wolves, a Denver-based “go-gang,” and a rival gang, according to sources with the Lone Star gang division.


The Greenway Garden Primary School in Denver’s UCAS sector was the site of a shooting earlier this morning. While one teacher was injured along with members of the security staff, two of whom were slain, no children were harmed. Spokespersons for Knight Errant and the school both confirm that the shooting was the act of a lone gunman and was possibly related to drug use. Prompt response by school security and Knight Errant are credited with preventing greater loss of life.


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