Denver in Shadows

Session 6
Hunting Wolves

While Halo was still unavailable, the rest of the party staked out the various chrome wolf locations, notably the compound off of I-25. They gathered evidence that a magician and hacker working for the Vory were supporting the Chrome Wolves. From a nearby truck stop, the party saw Nix, the Vory and some of the Wolves leave, stop a diner, and travel south, using an RFID tag to track them to the UCAS sector.

Using that window of opportunity, the party invaded the compound, killing 8 members of the gang before Nix and the rest of the Chrome Wolves could return. The runners decided to call it quits at that point, earning their smaller fee (plus a bonus given by Zhiang Lee in hopes of working with the group more in the near future), rather than trying to take out Nix as well.

The numbers: + 6,000 nuyen each, + 4 karma

Session 5
Shooting at Ketring

The Finn arrange to Introduce B2 and Tua to some other local runners without current groups – Strelok and Edgar Dimas. Dimas had already met Halo and had a fling with her after she returned to Denver from Albuqeruque. The party got back together and after Tua tested Strelok out on the firing range, the party got back to hunting Chrome Wolves. Halo tried keeping her involvement to a minimum and spent most of the time making time with hot guys and gals at local clubs and bars.

Meanwhile, B2 used the stealth tag on Julio Marquez’s harley to track him to a meeting at Kenway park. Recon revealed that the Chrome Wolves were meeting with some member of the Godz go gang. Dimas used control thoughts to make a chrome wolf draw down on the Godz while Tua and Strelok sniped the five wolves.

Later, Tua staked out Annex Garage and saw eight Chrome Wolves pull into the lot. Strelok and Halo found a group of Chrome Wolves at the Moxie Tavern and got a stelth tag onto one of their bikes tracking them to a small compound off of North I-25. Further recon revealed a fire elemental in astral space locally, and B2 encountered a hacker there with the same red hawk icon he encountered when fighting the Vory that tried to ambush the Finn. B2 was forced to jack out of the matrix, and the team of runners started plotting their next step, with four days left until their time is up for their current job.

Session 4
The Reaper

Tua met back up with the rest of the team and was filled in on their job to thin out the Chrome Wolves, a go-gang numbering about 60 people. Legwork turned up a couple of leads – Annex garage, a place where the wolves have been known to frequent, working on their bikes, in the CAS sector, and the Moxie Tavern, a bar in the UCAS sector. Tua investigated the garage. The wolves seem to have rallies there a couple of times a month, on weekends, and there are members of multiple go gangs that work on their machines at the garage. The rest of the party checked out the Moxie Tavern and found a Chrome wolf there named Julio Marquez. Akula planted a stealth RFID tag on his bike.

While the party tracked Julio to apartment number 153 in a complex near I-25, B2 also set up a meeting with Francisco Carlisle, the social worker in the Warrens. The party met with him and learned more about the Reaper. Several people have died, and the pace of the murders seemed to be increasing. Carlisle had received donations of 20,000 nuyen to try to get some help with the murders. He showed the party photos of some of the gruesome death scenes, and gave them directions to the most recent killing, which occurred the night before. The runners went to the scene, but on the way saw some members of the Aurora Angels matrix go-gang. B2 found one of them snooping on them in the matrix, and booted the Angel with a data spike.

At the crime scene it looked like someone killed a human in an alley and dragged them to the top of an adjacent building. After killing them, tracks indicated that they started jumping from building to building across the Warrens. Akula and Tua started tracking the killer through the warrens while three Aurora Angels started following the group. A confrontation turned hostile and the party had to kill the gangers, then tracked the killer to an abandoned building.

They entered the building and were ambushed by a pack of ghouls and the Reaper, a ghoul adept. The ghouls were mowed down with elementals, kung-fu and automatic fire, but not before two of the ghouls tore into Akula, killing him. While the runners were focused on the ghouls, the Reaper leapt out of the building, climbed around to the window the party came in through, crept up on Karak, and killed him with his katana.

Tua and B2 faced off with the Reaper in a pitched battle. It was close, but the runners finally managed to bring the adept down by the skin of their teeth, allowing them to escape, both to recover from their wounds and to mourn their fallen comrades.

The numbers: + 20,000 nuyen to split amongst the survivors, + 8 karma, +1 bonus street cred.

Family Man

What was Tua doing during the escort mission? See here

Session 3
Protecting the Finn

After agreeing to escort The Finn to his deal with the White Lotus Triad, Tua informed the group that he had an emergency and needed to leaving town for a few days. Halo expressed some displeasure at Tua’s sudden departure then, the following morning, messaged the rest of the group that she wouldn’t be able to make the mission either.

Karak, Akula and B2 met with the Finn and went with him to the meet at the edge of Chinatown. On the way there, the van was redirected into an alley by a Vory decker, where an ambush was waiting. There was a firefight, but the runners triumphed, defeating the Vory, taking their commlinks, weapons and ammunition, and proceeded to the meet. The actual meeting between the Finn and the Triad went smoothly, and the runners got their pay as well as access to safeboxes in safehouses in each sector of Denver.

During a couple of days of downtime, B2 met a mechanic named Buttons through the Finn, the meeting arranged at the Nightlife, a gay bar in the UCAS sector. Karak spent time at the Astralnaut, and Akula kept in touch with Andrei, his Russian fixer.

During that time, Karak got a message from the Finn. The Triad member he had made the deal with, wanted to meet the team. B2 and Karak were in favor, and met with Zhiang Li of the White Lotus Triad at the Green Lion East restaurant. There, Li offered to pay the runners to thin out the Chrome Wolves gang that are working for the Vory. The pay is 3,000 nuyen per runner for footage showing the deaths of 12 gang members, or 7,000 nuyen per runner if they can kill at least 20 Chrome Wolves, including their leader, Nix. The runners accepted that job, while still planning to, at some point, investigate the deaths along the Aurora Warrens borders.

The Number: +6 karma, + 6600 nuyen, safeboxes in each sector of the FRFZ

Session 2
New Opportunities

The runners took down the mob mage and the kidnappers, capturing a dwarf who surendered. They rescued Meiko and took her and the dwarf to meet the Johnson at the Brown Palace Hotel in the UCAS sector with the help of Rascal.

Over the next few days, Tua learned more about the Denver underworld, Karak discovered that the necklace he took from the enemy mage’s body was a force 3 sustaining focus, Halo bought more shoes as therapy, and B2 replaced Alkeiser.

Akula learned about someone who was killing street people along the UCAS and CAS borders with the Aurora Warrens (a humanitarian worker named Francisco Carlisle may know more), and Halo talked to Brickhouse about a possible corporate data steal job that needs to happen within the next week. Karak got a job offer from The Finn.

The party agreed to protect the Finn while he delivers weapons from a shipment that was hijacked before it could get to the Denver Vory. The Finn needs to deliver the weapons to his buyers in the White Lotus triad and is worried that the Vory might try to intercept the shipment. He agreed to give the runners access to coffin-sized lock-boxes in safehouses in each sector of Denver to make getting around the city easier. If they do have to fight the Vory, he also offered 6600 nuyen after negotiations.

Session 1
A Lost Girl

The party, having recently done their first run together as a group, received a couple of job offers.

The group turned down a job offered by The Finn to hijack a weapons shipment coming into Denver.

The runners accepted a job set up by Brickhouse to meet a member of the Yakuza whose daughter had been extracted from her school by members of the Koshari mob. They met with the Johnson at the Vision restaurant and agreed to the job, after entertaining negotiations.

The party used their contacts to trace the group to Denver’s PCC sector, used spirits to find the warehouse where she was kept, and stormed the warehouse, ending the session in mid-combat with Koshari gunmen and a mage.


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