Denver in Shadows

Session 6

Hunting Wolves

While Halo was still unavailable, the rest of the party staked out the various chrome wolf locations, notably the compound off of I-25. They gathered evidence that a magician and hacker working for the Vory were supporting the Chrome Wolves. From a nearby truck stop, the party saw Nix, the Vory and some of the Wolves leave, stop a diner, and travel south, using an RFID tag to track them to the UCAS sector.

Using that window of opportunity, the party invaded the compound, killing 8 members of the gang before Nix and the rest of the Chrome Wolves could return. The runners decided to call it quits at that point, earning their smaller fee (plus a bonus given by Zhiang Lee in hopes of working with the group more in the near future), rather than trying to take out Nix as well.

The numbers: + 6,000 nuyen each, + 4 karma


witchdoctor witchdoctor

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