Edgar Dimas

elf shamanic magician


Elf Mage

Edgar Dimas: Edgar was born and raised in the HUB of Denver, with devoutly catholic parents. When he was young and he discovered a talent for magic, he enrolled in the semenary. During his time there he was being recruited by the Order of the Temple (a clandestine military order within the Catholic Church), however found that he was not suited to the life of a clergyman. He left the Semenary to find his own path.

While growing up, he read many books about history, including stories of the Templar Knights. During his search for stories of the Templars, he found a series of stories about a shadowy figure in old Europe that stole from the rich and punished the wicked. The man was so successful that he was named the “Saint”, and apparently had a habit of taunting the authorities by making video images about his crimes and humiliating his targets. Apparently in the past this was called a Television Show. He must have been very successfull.

Reading further, he found that the “Saint” had modeled himself after a group called “Robin and the 7 hoods”, who were criminals but preyed on the guilty and benefited the innocent.

Edgar has now decided to pursue a similar course, and become a shadowrunner. His personal code will include 1) Punishing the wicked/evil, 2) Protecting the Innocent, and 3) Stealing from the rich, corrupt and the oppressors. However, like his hero, he will not do these things for free. Edgar also supports an orphanage started by the Catholic Church and will be giving a percentage of everything he makes to them.


Edgar Dimas

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