Denver in Shadows

Session 5

Shooting at Ketring

The Finn arrange to Introduce B2 and Tua to some other local runners without current groups – Strelok and Edgar Dimas. Dimas had already met Halo and had a fling with her after she returned to Denver from Albuqeruque. The party got back together and after Tua tested Strelok out on the firing range, the party got back to hunting Chrome Wolves. Halo tried keeping her involvement to a minimum and spent most of the time making time with hot guys and gals at local clubs and bars.

Meanwhile, B2 used the stealth tag on Julio Marquez’s harley to track him to a meeting at Kenway park. Recon revealed that the Chrome Wolves were meeting with some member of the Godz go gang. Dimas used control thoughts to make a chrome wolf draw down on the Godz while Tua and Strelok sniped the five wolves.

Later, Tua staked out Annex Garage and saw eight Chrome Wolves pull into the lot. Strelok and Halo found a group of Chrome Wolves at the Moxie Tavern and got a stelth tag onto one of their bikes tracking them to a small compound off of North I-25. Further recon revealed a fire elemental in astral space locally, and B2 encountered a hacker there with the same red hawk icon he encountered when fighting the Vory that tried to ambush the Finn. B2 was forced to jack out of the matrix, and the team of runners started plotting their next step, with four days left until their time is up for their current job.


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